Absence makes the knees grow stronger!

Oh dear! I have been away journeying through the highs and lows of bilateral knee replacement. Five and a bit weeks later I am slowly starting to emerge from what has been an experience that is beyond description really!

Dear reader, I am typing this on my iPad at 1.05am, lying in bed beside my night noise making husband, Long,Lean and Loveable while the rhythmic snoring of the family pooch Roscoe resonates in the lounge room. In my absence he has become the King of the ‘Castle”. My legs are propped up on a wedge while I lie on my back most uncomfortably while longing to be in my curled up, lying on the left side foetal position which has been my sleeping position for my entire life.

oh the tales I have to tell from pain medication induced constipation to the agony of Physiotherapy , to purple butterflies and green monsters on the iPad screen floating their way through endone and targin  and other morphine based drugs, but I will leave you all in suspended animation for now.

Suffice it to say, I am back with almost a vengeance, ready to write and just get on with it!

2 responses to “Absence makes the knees grow stronger!”

  1. Looking forward to your next dissertation😀


  2. Can’t wait for further shadings on this ‘Epic’ Journey of discoveries on Pain Control Meds………
    I must get out the medicine box for the bottle of Coloxyl…with senna of course …..lol


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