Well, here’s a turn up!

11.54pm and I have just got into bed! Triple L is snuggled under the covers on his side of the bed, the dog’s rhythmic snores will soon become, I hope the obstinato accompaniment to my lapsing into refreshing sleep – as much as is possible with the wedge under my bum, legs elevated and feet hanging off the edge in thin air while the ” weight” of the top sheet Aggravates my big toenail on my left foot to infinity and deyond! BUT the good news? No spasms!

A new experience tonight……my legs will not tolerate the wearing of pyjama pants! I have been through several attempts to clothe them, but no way Jose! So my alluring night attire consists of an old grey t-shirt and a pair of Ming blue nickers! Spare yourself the effort of trying to create the word picture! Suffice it to say……..Fetching!

i made the mistake the other night of searching via Dr Google “five weeks post bilateral knee replacement surgery – recovery” . I hadn’t taken my endone at the time – so no excuse really! What an IDIOT of a thing to do! Every single person had a horror story! Most of them had only had one knee replaced at a time! Infections, stiff hamstrings, stuffed knee caps, replacement of original replacement etc etc etc. I am not suggesting for one second that it’s been all beer and skittles for me! Not one bit! In fact I have been overcome at times by feelings of historical grief that maybe some of my Irish rebel  ancestors were responsible for knee capping loyalists in their day before the invention of lyrica and endone and osteo Panadol thereby producing hours and hours of intolerable pain!

But today my wonderful friend Anne called in! What a tonic! Laughter! “Gay repartee”!beautiful flowers. Spirits lifted! Who needs drugs when you have a treasured, whacko, intelligent friend to remind you that life is pretty wonderful!

One response to “Well, here’s a turn up!”

  1. Wonderful Change at least for awhile👍😘
    Thank god for Friends & Humour…..😃😇


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