“Let us talk and share our experiences”

imageToday I attended the funeral of a good man. It has prompted this brief digression from my new knee saga!

on Holy Saturday night in 2015 The Knights played St George and I went to church in Moree! The image is what I captured when I sneaked a picture of the Paschal Fire. I saw in that inage a representation of my beloved brother who died on September 11th 2014. I post a memorial to him on the 11th of every month .

Furtiveness and fear surrounded his death and what happened after it. The man whose funeral I attended today was once his parish priest and they spent the final months of my brother’s life in the same care facility. They were friends who respected each other.

the Gospel reading was the story of the road to Emmaus and it was an ironic consolation to hear the following words spoken by the Priest,”let us talk and share our experiences. Let us never be afraid to share our experience of God in our lives”, when furtiveness and fear had rendered him and so many others silent!

and so my own journey on the road to Emmaus continues! Today, the knees screamed their agony after their big outing to the liturgical celebration! Tomorrow I have Physiotherapy which is agony on agony and the next day I have to present myself to the sainted surgeon responsible for my new knees!

But today has been a blessed day.

oh, and by the way, the Knights lost!

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