6 weeks check up! I passed!

Night meanderings strike again and I am in  the usual position – propped  up, legs in the air, flat on my back- accompanied by the “andante” ostinato of the sleeping pooch, pondering the journey so far!

My surgeon is a genius! The choice to take him on was highly influenced by Judy who suggested I might get in touch with him after I had been given April 12 as operation day for single knee only, by a doctor reputed to be “the best” in the area. Here I am now, one day after April 12, six weeks down the track, walking, doing well, still in pain but I can see a way ahead!

My knees look a bit like they have been chopped up and traumatised but I was a bit worried about a bit of a bump on the left one. This is the one that gives my gyp! I asked the doctor about it.

” I have this funny bump on my knee.”

“show me” So I reveal the lovely knees 2017 candidate (NOT) to him and he has a look and bit of a feel. “mmmmmm ,yes, it IS a funny bump” and I immediately see myself on the way back to the operating theatre post haste! “But don’t forget I’ve hacked around in there, put some pretty funny things where your knee used to be – plastic bits, cement and screws!” So I calm myself down and yield to the specialist!

He had the X-rays up on the wall and I asked him if what I thought was my knee cap was the “original”.

“Oh yes, you have half the original. It was pretty bad! The bottom of it was worn away and it was bone on bone so I just chopped that bit away and glued in a bit of plastic replacement!

I remember watching an Irish tv series in the 80’s called “Me Mammy”. The main character was a crackpot Irish Catholic woman who despaired of her wayward Catholic middle aged son. It was hilarious. In one episode she had been given responsibility for the safe keeping and adoration on the relic of one of the saints. The relic belonged to a martyred virgin. It was her patella! Members of the parish would come for nightly devotions gathered around the holy relic!

one night, to her complete and utter horror the relic could not be found! Panic ensued until the wayward son (Milo O’Shae was the actor) confessed he had thought it was a soup bone and had used it to make the evening meal! It occurs to me that my wonderful doctor may have missed an opportunity for future fame and holiness (!!!!!!!) had he kept the shattered shards of my patellas in the event of my future canonisation! They would have to change the category though. I am hoping not to be martryed and well I won’t get into the ” virgin” bit!

I am doing ok. The blog makes me laugh and reminds me of the wonderful people who are on this trip with me. It is not easy at all but there is something amazing about the discovery of and appreciation for the strength that comes from within  and without!

I read a Facebook post this morning that said something about being strong on my own. It was acknowledging inner personal strength and celebrating that it was “my strength, my spirit” that was the answer. As many of you know I believe in ” the story” and it is the telling of it that makes us eternal and this has led me to learn that my strength comes from me, but also those whose stories I KNOW because they have been handed down to me or because I lived part of them – the men and women of my past, Bridget, James, Selina, Herman, Hammond, Mary Kathleen, Euphemia, Samuel, Kenneth, Mary Patricia, Paul Kennth, Peter Julian – their siblings, their children. I AM strong because I am standing on their shoulders!

ooooppppsssss nearly forget – for those of you who might be wondering – there was no internal!!!!!!!

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