7 weeks and counting!

Easter has come and gone and the world has not yet collapsed into nuclear warfare. As I write this triple L and youngest offspring are propping their eyelids open to watch the end of a double episode of the Amazing Race and it is 12.04 am! It’s funny how this house seems to gave a limitless capacity of reality television.

physio therapy today. It is lovely to meet such a diverse group of people in the pool or in the torture chamber aka ” the gym”!each time I am doing a bit more in the gym and I leave filled with terror at the anticipation of at least 24 hours of painful recovery – as described in earlier posts. But something must be happening because I have only needed to have the ice packs on for a couple of hours before I can walk around without being in agony! It’s a big improvement!

I keep being told how brave I have been to get two knees done at once. Honestly if I had really thought about it I would have gone for one at a time being a bit of a wimp. That would have been a problem though because getting me to turn up for the second one would have been a challenge!

Going to the. GP tomorrow. Getting my free flu injection! Can’t wait!

2 responses to “7 weeks and counting!”

  1. that’s soooo good to even have a ‘tiny bit’ of improvement isn’t it …….


  2. Oh yes, Julie it is soooooo good. I am in a bit of a state of shock really. I remain surprised by what is being achieved, by how well I am being looked after and by how attentive and caring long lean and loveable and Joseph are! I think affirmation is the most powerful thing!


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