Post flu shot!

Had a first today…….my first ever flu injection! My lovely doctor apologised for the sting of the injection! WHAT? Come and try my knees on for a bit. Although I have to say that I was taken back in time to my polio vaccinations in primary school courtesy of the district nurse!

Just as I managed to avoid visiting the doctor for 27 years ( truth not exaggeration) I have managed to avoid the flu for the same period of time. Not really wishing to introduce a note of cynicism into this piece – look out world if I am struck down by the flu this winter!

On the weight loss campaign, I have just worked out that I have lost more than one fifth of my body weight since June. Every day I notice “new” bones around my not quite so ample chest and every day when I look in the mirror I see my Mum looking back at me and every day I am thankful that I am HER daughter.

She tripped over the cat at the age of 71 and broke her ankle. At the same time she and Dad were caring for our kids while I was continuing to develop my brilliant career, Dad had retired and the older 3 kids were pretty much able to look after themselves, but Joseph was about 2. Between them, Mum and Dad carried on! She struggled with pain and the physio! Every time I get up out of a chair now I can hear her saying ” nose over toes” coaching me to stand correctly! “Don’t drop your bundle, Louie” has been a recurring motif when things have been a bit of a struggle!

As I read over this I wonder how I got from recalling my first flu injection to  my Mother’s adventure with the cat! It occurs to me that it’s proof that she has never left me!

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