Ready to head South

The little home is quite. Triple L and I are in the ” guest wing” – him under the covers, me on top of the covers in the usual sleep position, uncomfortable though it be having just taken a pain killer – “warning, this medication may interfere with mental health and co- ordination” a reminder that pain is a normal part of life, especially when it comes to being surgically kneecapped for the sake of quality of life. However……

The other occupants of the house are tucked up in dreamland except for my daughter who is ” tucked up” on the couch in the lounge room watching TV through her closed eyes – a trait she inherited from her father!

Its been a very special time and it has been good for me. Especially good for me has been the regular assault on and conquering of the flight of 9 stairs that lead to the ” guest wing” on which is located the TOILET. Triple L and I worked out tonight that during our three night stay I must have ” done” those stairs using the ” up to heaven, down to hell” step climbing technique and my Canadian crutches 6 times a day making a total of  162 stairs mastered! Hence the need for the mind numbing pain killer!

Our daughter is a great cook and we have been pampered in the midst of the craziness of a household of 6 – blended family the older half aged 18 and 17 ( one her’s, one his) and  two littlest aged 10 and 5 – theirs! It makes for interesting, challenging often bamboozling interactions! But she, being the magnificent creature she is has made a point of telling me and more incredibly demonstrating to me how  glad she is to be able to ” just take care of you, Mum”

Our children have always been pure gift!

As for the next generation? Well, thanks to my incredible craft skills, my 10 year old grand daughter  has learned how to make pom-poms, something she intends on doing tomorrow while I do my knitting and our 5 year old grandson has helped Triple L rebuild the wooden truck he got for Christmas. We are on full time grandparent duty tomorrow before we head for home because our daughter returns to work.

Today (now yesterday!) marks the 46th anniversary of our marriage. It’s been a great  day and I think that I am doing OK. Of course I am not doing it alone! It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is, it’s not pain free but neither is life! One of the things that my physio stresses to me when I feel it necessary to hunch my shoulders and grimace and hold my breath after she gives to instruction to do ” just 5 more straight leg lefts”  or ‘ two lots of ten squats’ is the importance  of breathing, (DUGH! I hear the collective response)  but, it works every time for me and everytime I relax, stop anticipating, breathe and just do it I am surprised by the notion that when your breathe IN life, it’s LIFE than you give out!

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