PRPR…….pivotal recovery point reached!

Today I went for my second unescorted road trip. The weather has suddenly become more than Autumn-ly chilly but the sun is beautiful and warm making a car trip seem like snuggling into a doona! I love to drive.

Sleep  has been one of my biggest challenges post operation – lack of same! I was concerned I would not be able to get through the expedition without a new knee nana nap, and I was right!  On the way home I was mortified by the driver who blasted  his horn at me at the second last set of traffic lights before home after I had spent a split second in the land of nod! I also may have slightly misjudged to width of the driveway gates giving my little silver Trax the chance to gain a couple of ‘ life experience” scratches. Not funny I know!

My excursion took me to Mums’ Cottage. On a Fruday they have a craft morning and when I arrived a table full of women were industriously involved in making chocolate coated almonds into pretty little bunches of “grapes” for sale at their Mothers’ Day Stall.

The driving force behind this amazing place is Sr Helen-Anne. She greeted me with great welcome as did the other women and I spent the next couple of hours just wallowing in the company of these funny, strong, generous, wonderful women. Wonen whose lives are a real battle but who keep on keeping on as my mother would say. I love the opportunity I am always given to laugh, to listen, to be heard and respected.

FInding Mums’ Cottage has been one of the greatest gifts of my retirement!



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