All things come to those who wait!

It was October 24th, 37 years and about 8 days ago. First born male child arrived on October 24th, 1972. He was ( and remains) spectacular!

Clever, interested in history fascinated by words, voice like an angel, taller than every other boy in his class, he had a lot of “who do you think you are moments” from teachers who assumed he was at least two years older than his classmates and that he should behave accordingly! To me, he was a whole new world of wonder.

His sister was sixteen months older than him and I was 21.

He entered into a life long obsession with Lego. It continues. For his 11th birthday, the only thing he wanted, more than anything else in the world was a Phase 3 Command Ship. It was 1983.

Doting mother that I was I went on a quest to find the desired present. Didn’t matter where I went or what I did, there was no Phase 3 Command Ship to be found. He had his heart set on it. I had been able to find presents of great desire for his older sister most times ( she would not agree with that, but I am in control of the keyboard). On the cusp of 12, he was about to turn into something I had absolutely no idea of, an adolescent male, and a sense of deep foreboding began to take me over as I considered what not getting the Phase 3 Command Ship might do to his formation!

I could not find one! I had to surrender! I gathered together some space lego and a couple of bases in the hope that the promise to have Santa deliver it for Christmas might be enough to save him from complete disappointment as seen in the image below.

Today I received a cryptic text message from him: “Mum! Its been a long time!. 37 years and a couple of days….. and two weeks stuck at the Post Office!” Having sent him a birthday present and being told it should arrive by December 25th, I thought it must have come early! “Yes, from 1983” And here’s the picture!

Of course I cried! Had it been $330 in 1983, that would have covered his school fees for a year!

He had managed to buy it for himself! When I asked if it had come assembled he said yes, but he had pulled it apart as soon as he got home!

Comparing it to the pathetic excuse of a space vehicle which I had hoped would at least suffice for the time being in 1983, I was overcome with an awareness of how deeply disappointed he must have been! To make it even worse, when Christmas came around I still couldn’t find the wretched thing but he assured me today that what I managed to purchase was much better than the command ship and is more rare and therefore worth more money today but I do not think even its extra value-added to the $330 for the Space Ship would cover the school fees!

Life is never dull!

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